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TOPIC: Can only hear some notes in this instrument

Can only hear some notes in this instrument 1 year 10 months ago #13

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This might be the first time I've heard or seen a .wav file with three notes or samples in it.

middle sample
I do not see any of this in Viena only Polyphone (I'm using Polyphone 2.1 so it may work in that) the number must be too small or large. Same here I do not get any benefit from this and still do not the use for that.

first sample
Not sure where these numbers come from

I have seen stereo soundfont samples and they are usually red and yellow in Vienna.
a. Yes this pretty much what I meant by the sound equally hitting the ears and is achieved this way.
b. Interesting, I wonder how it is decided where the other place is going to be. I see it is always two locations the sound is picked up from as that is the nature of stereo and how it differs from mono.
c. Yes I bet how far away matters but not too much.

Let's hope every "-50/50" setting is for samples that are recorded as the way of "a" as you put it.
Yes I've seen some perhaps stereo soundfonts that are set as "-12/12" or "-6/6" I guess they are like option "b" then

In many free soundfonts like from my example the samples are exactly the same. Yes it is like 'doubled' mono sound and cannot come close to stereo.

For sure the mind is played tricks on and that is how the effect of stereo is pulled off in most of the cases. Also, a sound to the far left will work too. Yes it is always worthwhile to know what parts of the instrument will be recorded. True the absorption and reflection of the sound is not gonna be the same when listening over disc. And that is what really makes stereo sound so much fuller and louder.

I feel doing it in this way will miss out on a lot of useful things. As the parameters are what make this work so well. But if we adjust pan and others to make up for the lost it is fine.
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