Mega Man 8-bit & Wily Wars Soundfont(s)

16 August 2021

Mega Man 2

Mega Man Gameboy 1 - V

Wily Wars (YM)

Ripped all by me, give credit if used for anything.

But mostly give credit to CAPCOM for Mega Man.



Mega_Man_World_GB.sf2 (1.49 MB, 16 August 2021)
RockMan_Mega_World_Soundfont_V1.sf2 (1.61 MB, 16 August 2021)
MM2_General.sf2 (6.12 MB, 16 August 2021)
MM2_Quick_Ex.sf2 (853 KB, 16 August 2021)
MM2_Wily_1_2_Ex.sf2 (1.03 MB, 16 August 2021)

1 comment

  • Timothy Patrick Meanrd

    You'll need more instruments for your RockMan_Mega_World_Soundfont. I know that many of the instruments came from the Sonic Sega Genesis game. You'll have to listen to all the songs from Wily Wars to determine which instruments are from that game. You'll have to determine the drum sounds which some come TR808. 

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