Wario Land 4

08 August 2018

Upon initial extraction using Bregalad's GBA extractor, none of the soundfont's instruments will have actual names. So, in response, it falls on the user to go through and make sense of all the "Types" and "0x009875" and what have you.

Unless you're me and that's too much of a pain in the ass to do every time you wanna use this godly soundfont.

Which brings us, to this: the latest in Waaa techmology, now excluding the seemingly endless Japanese syllables that are Palm Tree Paradisum


Update: I applied these names to the patches for that "HQ" version of the .sf2 found as part of the big Nintendo leak last July, too. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1YdgJxUrCDVbu7rj_Zl5amGlOR3B6JtGh


wario copy - Copy.sf2 (9.22 MB, 08 August 2018)
A version of the Wario Land 4 soundfont I made that names all the presets (and excludes the Palm Tree Paradise lyrics for conciseness)
wario.zip (10.55 MB, 08 August 2018)
Complementary MIDIs that came with the initial extracted .sf2. All are compatible w/ soundfont (obviously) and already come pre-named (for the MIDIs that you're gonna care about, anyway)


  • Sonic Phonic

    Bring back the Palm Tree Paradisum syllables in a separate soundfont please

  • Andreas Vignes

    I might be stupid, but is fact that the MIDIs don't split up to their instrumental components intentional? Make it kind of a pain guess which notes belong to what instrument. 

  • Golum Momma

    You ARE gonna wanta touch this! Wario copy sf2 is easier to grok and use with Bs-16i.app if you are DAW-composing.... 

  • Nikolaus Wiener

    Thanks for this. I spent a ton of time sorting through those unlabeled samples.

  • james r.

    almost every sample has a loud blip sound followed by noise.

    • tahutoa

      That's because of the way they're encoded. The Pulse Waves and the 8-Bit Noise channels all use the same samples (little blips and stuff), just repurposing them via delay and envelope and what have you. So, most of the samples are sounding the way they're supposed to.
      Unless you mean that all the presets are making these sounds, like they're corrupted, in which case try downloading again because I just did and it's fine.
      Either way, ur doin it rong

  • Jacob

    Cannot download

    • tahutoa

      Yoo shoo-uh? It's working just fine for me.

  • JustaRandomCat

    Thank you for making this! You put a lot of effort on making this possible! I simply love Wario Land 4 and stumbling upon this really made my day! Thanks again and HAVE A ROTTEN DAY

  • SuperDumplingX

    I can't download it

    • tahutoa

      There we go. I was confused as to which option for the publish box meant it could be downloaded, because it works on a X/Check mark system and I thought 'if this is the image then clicking it will set it to this' rather than 'if this is the image then it is set to this'

  • tahutoa

    The reason why I put together all the presets and named them one by one is because this soundfont is seriously dope as hell: some of the presets-- like the Hurry Up square wave or the Bass Organ-- have sounds that're off the chaaain dude

    It took me something like a full 24 hours to do, if you include the first time I did this, which was when all we had was Colonel Pigmask's version and I had yet to discover the King of Soundfont GUIs that is Polyphone.

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