Sleigh Bells

Ethan Winer
21 February 2017

These sleigh bells use stereo samples of both traditional sleigh bells (the kind you find on a horse) and orchestral sleigh bells. Single hits for each type are provided at two velocity levels. Further, one set of hits has a normal full-length release time so it will sustain more naturally when you play it repeatedly or if you strike the key briefly. The other set fades out more quickly after you release the key so you can damp the ringing early. There are also two sets of Shakes - fast and slow - for each set of sleigh bells.

All eight presets are centered at middle C, and span a range of one octave below and one octave above middle C. The Scale Tune is set to 20 cents per half-step so you can control the pitch by small amounts.

Bug Watch: The looped Shake presets may click when played on an Audigy sound card due to a bug in the original Audigy drivers. This is a fault of the Audigy, and not due to poor looping in the SoundFont! The same presets play correctly through the LiveSynth DXi SoundFont player.



sleigh_bells.sf2 (2.62 MB, 21 February 2017)


  • Horay Forvictory

    Thanks Ethan. I'll likely be using this for the title song of a game I'm making about Santa and descent into and through madness. Hopefully the name Santa isn't trademarked in any way. I'll be crediting you and linking your website if I end up using the sleigh bells in the song. Great website by the way! Really cool stuff on there. Thanks again

  • n carson

    The loops for the shaking are really well done. Nice work.

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