Arianna's Violin

13 October 2018

A Minor-Thirds Velocity Layered Sampled Stringed Instrument that I made recorded by, of corse, me (on my Violin).

Recorded in Mono, with Minor-Thirds Sustained, w/ Vibrato.

6 Presets: Bank 0 Preset 40 - Violin

Bank 1 Preset 40 - Violin Fast

Bank 2 Preset 40 - Violin Slow

Bank 3 Preset 40 - Violin (Looped)

Bank 4 Preset 40 - Violin Fast (Looped)

Bank 8 Preset 40 - Violin Slow (Looped)

Please feel-free to edit and adjust the samples if you want!

I can't wait to hear what compositions you made with my SoundFont by commenting below! Please make sure to add the link to your audio files of my SoundFont with other SoundFonts you have!



Arianna's Violin (7.29 MB, 13 October 2018)




  • Jayson


  • jinma99

    Very realistic violin

  • Ni Haoyang

    very good a

  • huangjiao

    Muito bom,nãoéaquelesom plano。Muito bom,nãoéaquelesom plano。

  • Felipe Ruiz

    Muito bom, não é aquele som plano.

  • Eduardo Comesaña

    Wow! This SoundFont is perfect!

  • Golum Momma

    Well beat me with fiddlesticks if this doesn't sound great!   

  • David C

    Sounds great. Love the way the vibrato creeps in naturally.

    • Arianna

      Thank you so much!

      I will eventually make a new Violin SoundFont all by recording chromatic 6 velocity layered samples with multiple articulations / effects, that way this violin SoundFont will be the BEST out of all the other Violin SoundFonts out there!

      • David C

        That sounds like an extremely worthwhile many of the old soundfonts out there are pretty bad.

        • Arianna

          Well have you checked out the aaviolin.sf2 soundfont?
          It's not that bad.

          • David C

            Yes the aa sounds pretty good. Some of the 'violin' soundfonts I've come across don't actually sound like violins..they're probably sampled from old synth 'strings' patches.

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