RJV Grand Piano.sf2

03 December 2020

Soundfont based on JV2010 samples, more bass, much brighter

Copyright Info

LycaoeStudios (C) 2020

1. You are permitted to use, modify, distribute this Soundfont, but do not claim this as yours.

2. Do not use it for commercial purposes.

3. Give credit.

That's all i hope you enjoy my work! :)


RJV Grand Piano.sf2 (19.96 MB, 03 December 2020)
No chorus, reverb

1 comment

  • Brylie Christopher Oxley

    Hei Lycaoe,
    Thanks for your work and desire to share this SoundFont.

    You selected the "Just give credit" license when submitting the work, which
    only requires attribution. However, your description mentions that the
    SoundFont cannot be used for commercial purposes. The "no commercial
    purposes" license is different from the "just give credit" license.
    Would you mind kindly correcting the issue by updating the description
    or License choice for this SoundFont?

    Kind regards,

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