Nine-foot grand

Tim Swartz
23 December 2016
Bank Preset Name
0 0 9ft Grand Piano
0 1 Mello 9ft Grand
0 2 Rock Piano
0 3 Bowed Grand
0 4 Chorused Grand
0 5 Pitch/LFO Grand
0 6 Filtered Grand
0 7 Wild Piano 1
0 8 Wild Piano 2



Emu 9ftgrand.sf2 (509 KB, 04 March 2017)

1 comment


    I'm rating the 1st preset #0 "9ft Grand Piano". It is the best of the lot. The other presets are not as good, and a few are not that useful musically. If I were to rate the whole soundfont, I would rate it maybe 3 stars because several of the presets are not really useful and just waste space. The most useful are #0, #1, #2, and #4

    There are 10 samples in mono shared by all the presets. The bass samples do not fade completely, the user lifted their finger slightly before the note faded completely. That can be fixed easily the way I use the sample. If you can't fix that, it will be a problem for the low notes.

    Pan is implemented in the #0 preset so that high notes are shifted to the right and low notes to the left as they should be on a real piano. The flow from low to high notes is pretty natural with the sample transition points being only slightly noticeable. Sample transition it very well done for a small file size.

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