05 March 2017

New soundfont repository now available! The website development goes on and you can now enjoy a lot of soundfonts as free material for your creations.

You could say: "Soundfont repositories already exist!". Yes, but most of them have been designed several decades ago and have unfortunately not been updated (some are even dead or dying).

Main features

Taking advantage of the up-to-date web technologies, this new repository makes it possible to conveniently search, promote and improve soundfonts:

  • soundfonts are classified not only by instrument type but also by music genre, sample source, tags and more,
  • users can directly focus on the best soundfonts through a rating system,
  • authors benefit from comments and can then provide updates to their own soundfonts.

Features to come

Because memory is expensive on a server, the opening of the user uploads depends on the success of this repository, the incomes from a moderate advertising and possibly commercial subscriptions. If an economic model that can cover the hosting costs while keeping all soundfonts freely downloadable can be found, users will be able to:

  • upload and manage their own soundfonts,
  • update them with the help of other users' comments.

The main goal of this repository is to incite people to improve their own soundfonts via updates, taking advantage of a community. Quality over quantity!

Special thanks

The development of this website required non-free components and more expensive hosting services. Until now everything has been covered by donations for the project and I express my sincerest thanks to all contributors. I hope the new features will be greatly appreciated.

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