Create your own instruments to play your favorite music.

Download Polyphone Soundfont Editor


A soundfont editor for quickly designing musical instruments.

  • Home screen
  • Sample editing
  • Sample list
  • Instrument editing - table
  • Instrument editing - ranges
  • Instrument editing - envelop
  • Soundfont browser

You are the lucky owner of a midi keyboard and you want to play your own instrument? Then you are at the right place. Polyphone is the software that will help you to create and edit a musical instrument based on samples, using the sf2 format.

More than a simple editor, Polyphone has been designed to efficiently deal with big sets of instruments involving a large amount of data.

Oh, and it is free!




Import your sounds

Import any .wav sample to build your own musical instrument.

Create your instrument

Gather your finest audio samples and configure them to create a unique instrument.

Preview your creations

Play the instrument you just made with the virtual keyboard or an external midi device.

Save and export

Save your instruments in the sf2 format and export them as sfz or in the compressed sf3 format.

Edit existing soundfonts

Load existing files in the format sf2, sf3, sfz or sfArk (all versions).

Use convenient tools

Enjoy tools for bulk editing, detecting pitch, creating loops, transposing, equalizing and filtering samples.

Record your music

A recorder is included to keep a track on what you played with Polyphone.

Customize the interface

Adapt Polyphone by choosing the language (English, Spanish, French, ...) and the way keys are called.

Check your work

Tables are provided to summarize the content of your instrument, so that errors are easy to find.


Several years of development and collaborative work around the audio synthesis.


Polyphone takes advantages of the Qt framework to fit with all operating systems.


Polyphone can be installed on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10. A 64-bit version is available.

Mac OS X

A bundle has been built for Mac OS X 10.6 or above.


Packages have been created for Debian. The sources are available for the other distributions.

Get involved!

We wouldn't say no for extra hands.

Make a donation

Even a few amount will be much appreciated. For the coffee needed to maintain the project, the time spent to develop new features, the cost of this website, ...


To be more accessible, Polyphone and its documentation can be translated into several langages. You can improve or create a translation.

Use the forum

Feel free to present your ideas, report the bug you found, answer other people that might need help or speak about soundfonts in general.

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